Cyberpunk Toronto

For me, Toronto’s always been a really fun city to visit, in my mind it’s kind of like a mini New York. It’s been many years since my last trip there, and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to be sent there by my former employer to attend FITC Toronto (It used to stand for Flash In The Can, RIP Flash), a conference that revolves around innovation, technology, and creativity. The conference had some amazing speakers presenting during the day, at night I decided to wander the city and take photos. I was even able to link up with two photographers I met on instagram, @j0yboi and @stillsundaymood, who were both super welcoming! I can’t wait till I’m able to get back up there and shoot some more photos.

Gear and Location
Sony a7R II
Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM
Toronto, Canada